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Friday, 29 July 2016

Download Guru Nanak Dev Ji Images in Full HD

Guru Nanak was born  15 April 1469 and he was the founder of Sikhism .He is the first Gurus of sikh. His birth is celebrated world-wide as Guru Nanak Gurpurab on Kartik Pooranmashi. Guru Nanak has been called "one of the greatest religious innovators of all time". He travelled far and wide teaching people the message of one God who dwells in every one of His creations and constitutes the eternal Truth. Guru Nanak travelled to Tibet, most of South Asia and Arabia starting in 1496, at early age of  2

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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Latest Virat Kohli Wallpapers Download

Virat Kohli was on born 5 November 1988 and He is right-handed batsman Indian cricketer. Currently virat is captain of test cricket and mostly known for final movement wining shot.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Ms Dhoni Images Download in One Click !

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Download Sachin Tendulkar Images in High Quality

Thousand in the last decade of his Kamgiri symbol of positivity in India Cricketer mean concentration (Sachin Tendulkar) Sachin Tedulkar. 'Criket's miracle "Tendulkar batting Known by the name of unusual skill and diligence of the properties rocking Dmpr over 20,000 runs in Tests and ODIs while removing Vikram Vikram are extremely microcosmic

Saturday, 29 August 2015

" श्री "Good Collection of God Vishnu Image

Lord Vishnu have been well known fact concerning. Rudrasnhita when the world was not in the creation, operation and Shiva and Shiva wished. He wanted the power to run the world with their powers. Shiva Shiva with Parvati ji ie a desire on the part of honeydew feces and there appeared a man. That guy was a god Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is one of the world's holy trinity foster

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

" श्री "One of the Best Collection of Sai Baba Images in HD

Sai Baba of Shirdi was born on 28 September 1835 live in Shird he is also known as Shirdi vale Sai Baba and he is an Indian spiritual master Sai Baba is also known as Shirdi Sai Baba who was born on 1835-1918 and resided in Shirdi. He was an Indian spiritual master who is regarded by his devotees as a fakir and saint according to their beliefs. Sai was revered by both his Muslim and Hindu devotees. Check out sai baba images here. Sai Baba is worshipped all around the world by his devotees. His sole was self realization and had no love for expensive things. He always taught a moral code of forgiveness, inner peace, helping others and devotion to guru and God. He never believed in religion or caste. Actually, there is no exact information is given regarding Sai Baba’s actually name, time of birth or place. He gave elusive responses about his past always.

Friday, 3 July 2015

" श्री "Exclusive Collection of Maa Durga Wallpaper

Maa Durga is one of the most lovable gods in the Hinduism. She is being worshipped with different mentions in the religious scriptures which include Vedas. Maa Durga is the epitmoe of righteousness and Shakti. According to her Devotees, she can protect them from all fatal evil and harbours the energies of all the Gods. Get the maa durga images here.

Durga Puja is associated in only some states of India with the demon slaying Mahisasura. There are also other symbolism and festivities related with the Goddess worship. As per the legend knowledge, Maa Durga took the form of Chandi for the purpose of slaying the demon Mahisasura. Due to the higher popularity of this legend, Maa Durga is sitting on a tiger or lion and slaying the demon with a trident or spear.

The beginning of the Durga Puja is known as the Goddess awakening and shlokas and special chants are used to respect her. Maa Durga is seen with her children namely Kartikeya, Ganesha, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Free Download Jesus Christ Pictures in Hd

Jesus Christ is also known as Jesus of Nazareth. According to the Christians, he is the most awaited Messiah of all time. Jesus has a better and special significance in the world. He was born in 6 B.C in Bethlehem. His teachings are properly followed as a perfect example for living a perfect and happily life and considered the God incarnation. According to the Christian point of view, he died for the fatal sins of all the people. Click here jesus christ images.

There is a huge followers and devotes of the Jesus all around the world. Jesus had sacrifices for the benefits of their peoples. He is the son of God and his teachings and life can bring happiness and peace in the devotee’s life for sure.

Lord Jesus was crucified and suffered for the sins of world, giving each of children of God the gift of forgiveness and repentance. With his grace and mercy only, he can be saved. By following his subsequent resurrections any one can fully overcome from the physical death as well. In simple words, Jesus Christ can save the devotees from death and sin. Check out some jesus christ pictures here. 
There are many Christian churches all around the world. Jesus Christ is present in all those churches. He is a religious teacher whose teachings and life are recorded in the Bible’s New Testament. He is worshipped by many Christian all around the world and also a central figure in Christianity. 

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God's beloved breed is not Jewish, God loves all nations. Person should not be changed to anger and learn to forgive. He clearly stated that he is the son of God, they are the way of Christ and heaven and salvation.

a picture of jesus

No specific mention of Judaism or the Judgment Day was not important, but special emphasis on Judgment Day Jesus - the same time the human soul will find heaven or hell. Jesus made many miracles. Also Watch:Lord Ganesha Wallpaper and Radha Krishna Wallpapers

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Kttrpnthy Jewish Rabbis heavily opposed Jesus. He did not add to Christ as the Messiah. They loved their rituals. Ishwarputr tell myself to them was a huge sin. So they complain to the time the Roman governor Pilate said.

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Romans was always afraid of the Jewish revolution. So to delight Kttrpnthiyon Pilate crucified Christ painful sentenced to death.
jesus photo
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Christians believe that Jesus Christ dying on the cross for the sins of all men took on themselves and so will anyone who believes in Christ, he will get to heaven. Three days after the death of Jesus went back to heaven rise, and 40 days later. 12 disciples of Jesus to his new religion spread all over the place. That religion called Christianity.
Incoming Search For Lord Jesus
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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Best Collection of Radha Krishna Images in HD

radha krishan wallpaper
Radha –Krishna is a famous love legend of all times. Their love affair is most memorable and very hard to miss any of them. Krishna’s love affection towards gopis is represented as symbolic of the loving interplay between the Human soul and God. Click here for Radha Krishna Images. Radha’s love for Krishna was great and always her name is uttered whenever Krishna name is arises. Krishna worship is incomplete without the Radha deification. There are many temples of Sri Radha Krishna in India and outside India also. Krishna never married Radha due to several reasons. Their love is eternal. Their romancing story is the stuff of history and legends. Radha, lover of Krishna, has been perceived differently by various people. She is sometimes the amorous and adulterous lover of Krishna and at other totally different. It makes her the confusion character in the Indian mythology. Click here for Radha Krishna wallpaper. Krishna is known to be very mischievous and playful. In some cities of the India, there is a tradition to keep the idols of both Krishna and Radha in a palanquin which is well decorated and carried along the main streets in the city. All devotees’ starts chanting Krishna name, dance and sing in the name of the God. In India, Radha Krishna is worshipped by the young girls to get a lovable husband like Krishna in their life. Radha- Krishna is a symbol of true love and always appreciated and respected by the devotees all around the world.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

" श्री " Huge Collection Hanuman Images Free download

Lord hanuman is one of the most revered and celebrated figures in the Hindu Mythology. He is worshipped by the devotees all around the world who wish to gain strength and courage in their lives. He is also known as Bajrangbali or Mahavir.
He is a devotee of the God Rama. Download hanuman wallpaper at . In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Hanuman is a special and central character. He is mentioned in various other texts which include the Puranas, Mahabharata and various other Jain texts. He is the son of kesari and Anjana. Click here for the hanuman images.

Hanuman is a Hindu god and an devoted to god Ram He is a important and popular character in the Ramayana his name is come from Sanskrit words Hanu and man which means one with prominent or disfigured jaw.You can find wallpaper of hanuman ji The birth place of Hanuman is vanaras. Anjana, his mother was an apsara who was born because of a curse. After giving birth to Hanuman, she was redeemed from this curse easily. Many villagers worshipped hanuman as a boundary guardian and also many wrestlers worshipped for high strength. There are various temples for Hanuman and his idols are installed at all temples usually where avatars images of Vishnu are installed. The temples of hanuman believed to keep the demons away from the devotees. The idols of hanuman can be found on the mountain road because it is believed that he can easily protect people from the accidents. Check out some lord hanuman images here. In Himachal Pradesh, there is a special hanuman temple named Jakhu temple. The name Jakhu is derived from Yaksha. In Hinduism, hanuman is one of the few deities which are not afflicted by Shani. This is also the main reason behind the trust of devotees towards him.

Hanuman's father is Anjana Kesriand and mother Wanrraj Mount Sumeru. Hanuman is also known by the name of the wind son and his father Vayu is also considered. The palace is huge and magnificent temple Salasar and Mehndipur.

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Hanuman Short Story About Sun
A day after his birth his mother fled the ashram them to bring fruit. When the baby gets hungry Hanuman they are rising sun as a fruit fly in the sky began to catch him. Too much wind to help them run faster. The god of the sun, not burn them fast, considering the innocent child. Hanuman sun rushed to catch the time, wanted to take the time at the Sun, Rahu. Hanuman has a touch of the sun at the top of the Rahu and there he ran scared. He went to Indra complained "Zeus! You make me quiet my apps were given as means sun and moon. Today, the New Moon day to suffer when I saw the sun is going to catch up to the second Rahu sun.